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The Brief – with oOH!Media

This week Maddie Ross speaks with CEO of oOH!Media, Brendon Cook, about the perpetual rise of out-of-home advertising (OOH) in a market where many above-the-line channels are attracting less and less of brands’ marketing budgets. Here Brendon talks to us about the impact of the acquisition of Eye Corp on the oOh! Business, the importance…


The Brief – Q&A with Mindshare’s Katie Rigg-Smith

This week Maddie Ross sits down with new Mindshare CEO Katie Rigg-Smith to discuss her sudden promotion and her vision for the GroupM media agency. Rigg-Smith, the long time chief strategy officer at Mindshare, rose to the top job a week ago today after James Greet stepped down to take up Dan Johns’ former role…


Pitch 2 Punch and become an industry champion!

WHAT IS PITCH2PUNCH? Pitch2Punch is a 12 week corporate boxing challenge, culminating in a gala event in support of beyondblue.  From 16th April, 20 male and female suits, planners, creatives, buyers and producers will hone their minds and bodies to step into the ring on the 17th July and face an industry peer. One of…

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5 Tips to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers

If you have Instagram followers, you may be amused to know that Instagram has 10 times more engagements than Facebook.  That said, there is no reason why you should not take your business to a next level by converting your Instagram followers into customers. We will tell you how to do that.

  1. Know Instagram

When you apply any social media marketing, the first and the foremost thing is to determine and identify your target audience. Once you have clearly defined target audiences with you, start looking for ways through which you can reach them.

Your target audience might have different taste and interest according to their age and this will affect your selling efforts differently. As for the demography, 55% of Instagram users are between 18 to 29 years; 29% are between 30 to 49 and the rest are divided between 11 and 4%. You can then create content according to their pleasure need.

  1. Paid shoutouts

Paid shoutouts can help you in growing your following, increase your app downloads, boost sales and promote contests and events. Find an influencer partner in your niche and create captions, ready images, and hashtags that align with your brand. For maximizing your paid campaign, make use of tools such as Simply Measured, INK361 for finding the appropriate timing to post. Avoid buying accounts that run multiple shoutouts regularly, because their audiences are flooded.

  1. Share for share (S4S)

It is the free version of paid shoutouts. It involves posting of the content of another account on your profile for gaining more followers when they reciprocate for you.  Search for accounts or influencers in your niche with your target audience. Propose an S4S by direct messaging and if the second party accepts; choose a post from the other party, working with your audience. Share the post of the other party with a clear call to action

  1. Creation and implementation of a content strategy

Being the king, content establishes trust, inspires, educates, motivates and entertains the audience. Plan your content for educating the audience with regard to your business and products. Your strategy should contain an editorial calendar, month wise themes, captions, and images. Plan a strategy that is aligned with your brand and specifically mentions what to post and the timing of posting-  for instance, mention, computers on Tuesday and Thursday; every six hours. Also, have a  list of captions and curated hashtags along with your content. If possible try to find a Linkedin Marketing Agency that can help you craft a marketing strategy for your Instagram content.

  1. Focus on transformation; not information

Your competitors may be focusing on their products and services along with the benefits that could be derived from them. You can take a little-advanced approach by focusing on how those benefits will impact the customers’ lives.

You need to create a feeling in the minds of your followers that you are the one they were looking for to work with and that only you can transform their pain of searching for the pleasure of taking a buying decision. You will then be the authority in the marketplace.

Check out for more marketing tips on how to increase your social media following.